Love is in the Air !!
by suman dash : February 14 2015

This is da story of Gaurav and his better half Aditi.. A True Punjabi Boy fell in love with the cute Brahmin girl Aditi while pursuing their MBA preparations.
They say that their love developed with just their eyes talking and noticing each other's little things. Aditi liked the cute and serious guy who kept giving her those Glances and Gaurav says he was swayed by Aditi's amazing voice and he says he still can't get his eyes off her. Gaurav tells that their own personal CUPID was the cell phone and that he proposed to this beautiful damsel over a late night chat and the naughty Aditi made him propose a 100 times before she nodded her head in acceptance. 
Love blossomed when Gaurav and Aditi spent quality time with each other and Gaurav fell head over heels for everything about Aditi, Aditi says that "gradually knowing him more and gripping-in the intensity of his fondness for me, made me break all the shackles that were restraining me to accept whatever he was proposing to me, to just follow him blindly to wherever he wanted to take me, to be with him FOREVER!"
The wedding happened and Aditi and Gaurav got all what they wanted for their own personal Fairy tale and still blush thinking of that day. While Aditi was numb with job .. for Gaurav it was his Dream come true ! Now they are more comitted and more in love withe ach other and we wish that their Love grows many folds and brings in thir way all the goodness life has to offer...
This Valentines day we from Vastradi Jewels .. send out lots of love and wishes for a lifetime of love for the sweethearts Gaurav and Aditi !! 

"The Best Thing To Hold On To each Other In This Life Is Each Other ! ~ Audrey Hepburn"