7 Ways To Style Yourself In Coins (Temple Jewellery)
by Priyanka V : January 17 2015

7 ways to style yourself in coins

India is the country of varied traditions! The culture, food, people, fashion and jewellery vary as you move from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. In South India, temple jewellery is of prime importance. You can witness Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchupudi and even Kathak dancer adorning themselves in the temple jewellery. Brides too wear this form of jewellery on their wedding day.

The history of temple jewellery dates back to ancient Chola dynasty as well as Pandya dynasty when rich Indian King and Queens used to offer the finely carved temple jewellery to the temples as an offering to deities. That’s how the name of temple was given to this form of jewellery with the carvings of Gods and Goddesses.

 Now a days, the jewellery is becoming very popular among today’s fashionistas. It has become a trend to adorn oneself in the temple coin jewelley as it is easy to carry and yet look fashionable. Many imitation versions are available online and in the market.

Here are 7 ways to style yourself in Temple Coin Jewellery!

1. The Grand Necklace

 7 ways to style yourself in coins

A whole necklace set will be perfect for a wedding or traditional family function to match with your chosen lehenga or a saree. The set will go perfect with any Indian outfit. These kind of neck pieces will go very well with the kanjeevaram saree. You can also wear only the earrings to match with your anarkali for a chic look.

2. The Evergreen Chandbalis

7 ways to style yourself in coins

The temple jewellery would remain incomplete without a set of heavy and intricately carved balis. Wearing these with any traditional attire could give you a pure traditional look and feel.

3. The Coin Neckpiece

7 ways to style yourself in coins

The coin neck pieces were the most popular of the temple collection jewellery. These coin neckpieces can also be worn with western attire as it will add indo-fusion touch to your personality. A simple coin pendant is enough to connect you to this age-old tradition form of jewellery.

4. Classic Coin Jhumkas

7 ways to style yourself in coins

Jhumkas are in vogue. Coin jhumkas will add the touch of ethnicity to your get-up.

5. The Lovely Anklets

7 ways to style yourself in coins

Coin anklets look lovely! The ancient people used to wear the heavier version of these anklets. With modern times, people have adopted a lighter version of the coin anklets that look really attractive.

6. The Beauty Bracelets

7 ways to style yourself in coins

Coin bracelet is unique in its appearance with coins in it. If you want to have an ethnic look, experiment with this bracelet as it will add charm to your persona.

7. The Fashionable Finger Rings

7 ways to style yourself in coins

The finger rings are the essential part of the temple jewellery. Earlier, there used to have some of the heavy rings, which were made up of gold and embedded with colorful stones. You can style your any outfit with a traditional look by wearing the authentic rings on your fingers.

So are you all set to style yourself in coins at Vastradi Jewels