15 Most Common Resolutions of Women!
by Priyanka V : January 02 2015

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

A new year gives a fresh thrust to many pending goals! However, the spirit of following the set resolutions fades away with time, or may be within months. We tend to keep on repeating the similar resolutions year after year! Here are 15 most common resolutions of women.

1.  Lose Weight

15 Most Common Resolutions Of Women

Every woman likes to look slim and sexy. Hence, the resolution to work out more and lose weight is always on a woman's top agenda. As the March and April comes, the will seems to be worn out and she tends to get back on the track she started on. The reason why every years she makes the same resolution.  

2. Eat Healthy

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

No one can keep a woman away from chocolates and cupcakes. In short, women love to eat good food. Even though she asks herself to focus on healthy and nutritious options, yet she will often get back to her favorite food. Calories don't matter! Umm...It does matter, at times! Deviating from healthier options is so easy!  

3. Read More

15 Common Resolutions of Women

Why every year women resolute to read more? They intend to read as many books as possible in shorter time, which is practically impossible. Hence, they end up leaving a book half read and switching to other interesting titles! Later, they just get away with time doing other things in life.  

4. Travel

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

Everybody wants to travel. As you travel, you explore more about yourself. Due to limited budget, one may not relish on this dream. Hence, travelling more becomes the most common resolution for all and for women as well.  

5. Declutter Home

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

Managing home is supposed to be a woman's primary responsibility. As the year comes to an end, she finds many unwanted objects in her home such as too many unused clothes lying on her wardrobe, keeping the space occupied or cluttered items in kitchen or bundles of waste papers etc. The reason why decluttering home becomes one of the resolutions for all women. 

6. Cook Like a Chef

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

Whether a woman loves to cook or not, but she has to cook for her family. She loves it when she gets appreciation for the her cooked food and hates it when somebody criticizes her food. Hence, cooking like a chef with all love turns out to be her agenda every year. Some women resolute to try as many different recipes as possible in the new year. 

 7. Improve Relationship

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

A woman plays a many roles in her life. She is someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's daughter in law, someone's aunt, someone's wife or someone's lover. Hence, she tries to maintain a good relationship with all. If there is anything lacking, improving her relationships becomes one of her resolutions. Love more!  

8. Find New Job

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

We all want a good career and better salaries. This makes finding a better job one of the most common resolutions every year.  

9. Spend More Time with Family

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

For a working woman, prioritizing her life around work and family gets really difficult. At times, her work demands her to be busy and not attending family get together around the year. Hence, spending more time with her family is one of her resolutions.   

 10. Stop Procrastinating

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

When she is too busy, she keeps on procrastinating her tasks. Especially, the resolutions or good habits she has intended to work upon. The reason why stopping procrastinating is important resolution. 

 11. Be productive

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

Because a woman has so much to do as she manages her home as well as work or business, time becomes her most treasured property. Ensuring the value of her time becomes essential for her to flow her life balance smoothly. This is why she resolutes to make most of her time and be productive.  

12. Get Rid of Old Clothes

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

Women love to shop! Every time they go to the market, they end up buying some clothes for themselves. Now at the end of the year, they find many clothes in their wardrobe and for them to buy new clothes, they need to make a space. The reason why getting rid of old clothes becomes an important task.

13. Vounteer

    15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

    She wants to be available for social work as well. She relates to a many causes to which she thinks she could be a use of. Hence, she resolutes to volunteer at one of the causes she connects with! 

     14. Save Money

    15 Most Common Resolution of Women

    Though women love to spend yet they understand that to make many of her buying wishes true, she needs to save money. Hence, she is always on budget. 

    15. Spend Less Time on Facebook

    15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

    Facebook consumes a lot of her time as she is always curious to know who have liked or commented on her latest profile picture that she has just uploaded. However, she understands the unproductive nature of the act. That's why she makes a resolution to spend less time on Facebook