10 Safety Rules for Women in The New Year Eve!
by Priyanka V : December 29 2014

10 Rules Of Safety For Women In New Year Eve!

We all know that women are not safe in our city. With many rape and abduction cases popping up every now and then, it has become necessary for every woman to ensure safety measures wherever she goes! When it’s about New Year party, the more number of crime cases against women are reported than in the gone year. Hence, we request all women to please read these safety rules and ensure a safe New Year eve today and tomorrow for forever!  

1. Be Aware – Even when you are busy partying hard, keep your six senses always on! Observe your surroundings and in case of any suspicion of potential attackers, either quickly leave the place with your company or go to a crowded place or search for the security people. Safety begin at the awareness stage.

As per studies, it is shown that the criminal’s primary strategy is to surprise their selected target, who is not aware of their surroundings. Being in full senses and aware, you can save yourself from falling into any such traps. |

2. Escape – Even if you are caught by the predator, choose to run away and yell for help. You must do whatever you can do to catch the attention of the people inside their homes or shops or nearby neighborhood. It is better to go as wild in your approach to attract help as possible instead of surrendering yourself to the predator. Also, do not allow your predator to take you anywhere else. 

3Set Boundaries – If you feel that someone is trying to come too close to you, tell them to move back and give your space. Don’t be afraid to be impolite, after all it is about your safety.

4. Keep Pepper Spray – It is advisable to keep pepper spray or a small knife handy in your purse. Though, these self-defence tools may not protect you completely but use them to distract the predator and buy time for yourself to run away.

5. Lock All Doors of Your Car & Keep The Windows Up When Driving – This way you can avoid car-jacking, which happens when vehicles are stopped at crossings.

6. To Defend Yourself, Aim at the Tender Body Part of Your Attacker – If you are caught in a situation to defend yourself, just hit at the body part of your attacker, where it hurts the most regardless of the attacker’s strength and size. Eyes, nose, throat, groin and shin are some of the most sensitive body parts, which hurts when gets hit. This way, you will buy a time to RUN.

7. Say No To Stairs, Instead Take Elevators – Stairwells are the most common places where the crime scenes happen since you are most likely to be alone. Also, do not get an elevator if you find some potential attackers already in there. Always stand near the door of the elevator. Don’t ride the elevator with anyone you are not comfortable with!

8. Use Alert Applications – There are many applications for i-phones and Android phones available like SocialAid, Raksha, bSafe, Circle of 6, Red Panic Button etc. that you can use during the time of crime to get some immediate help.

9. If Somebody Tries To Abduct You In a Parking Lot– Do not let him get you to the abandoned area, shout, bite him hard and RUN. React immediately! If you are driving, crash your car while still going 5 mph. If he’s driving, find the right time and stick your fingers in his eyes and get out of the car. It can be your only defense.

10. Do Not Drink Hard To Slosh - A sloshed woman is more likely to get raped than a woman in all her senses. So, have a drink for pleasure only! Always be with your friends while you are at the party. Try not to be roaming alone!

With these safety tips, we wish you a safer new year!