Lara Dutta Reveals Her Wedding Jewel Secrets
by Vinay Jaiswal : December 10 2014

Lara Dutta, Former Miss Universe, Bollywood Actress

Former beauty queen turned actress turned entrepreneur turned designer, multi-talented Lara Dutta dons as many creative hats she likes to. Two years back, she also launched her own label of saree designs in association with Chhabra 555, which is still doing a success in the market. In 2011, Lara Dutta got married to tennis champion Mahesh Bhupathi. Having gone through the experience of her own wedding preparations, Lara Dutta shares some tips and advises for the would-be brides as well as gets into the details of her own wedding trousseau and jewellery preferences in an exclusive chat with Vastradi Jewels. 

What kind of jewellery you wore in your wedding?

Weddings are a special occasion when you splurge at jewellery. To me, my engagement ring from my husband, Mahesh Bhupati is the most favourite first piece of jewellery. I spent a lot of time on my wedding trousseau and the jewellery, which I got it designed in Mumbai. I was keen on wearing yellow diamonds, even though I had white traditional Christian wedding. So, instead of wearing all white diamond jewellery, I combined yellow diamonds with the white diamonds. There was a lot of references which went into it but it came out absolutely stunning, I was happy the way it turned out.

Lara Dutta's Engagement Ring, with Mahesh Bhupathi

Source: idiva

From where you got your wedding trousseau made?

Jewellery I got it made from Anmol jewellers as I have worked with them for many years. My gown was from Elie Saab. I always knew that I would wear Elie Saab gown whenever I get married, even when I did not know when I would get married.

Lara Dutta wearing her yellow diamond necklace on her wedding functions


What advice would you like to give to the would-be brides?

A lot of time during your wedding, most decisions are made by other people such as your mother, your aunt, your sisters etc. it’s a collective decision that your family make on how your jewellery should be. As a bride, you need to be comfortable and happy about what you are wearing. You should not be too weighed down by the jewellery because then you won’t be able to enjoy yourself. I think in your wedding you must enjoy yourself. You must have a most say in what jewellery you want to wear. You also need to make sure of what you pick must complement your outfit. At times, people go over board by wearing all jewelleries with multiple necklaces, full bangles, maang tikkas etc. By all means, this is the only time in your life when you can wear so much. I would advise you to make it look aesthetic rather than doing it for somebody else.

Lara Dutta and Mahesh Bhupathi at their wedding

How often do you shop for jewelleries?

Whenever I can. Jewellery is what women will always keep buying all her life. I always buy jewellery whenever I can. Your taste might vary as you go through different phases in your life.

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What post-wedding care routine would you like to suggest?

You must take care of yourself if you want to keep your husband. Today, most young women are smart and they know what they are supposed to do. You should always remain your number one focus in your life.

How do you like to Style yourself?

On a regular day when I am playing a mom, getting my daughter ready to school and making sure to pick her up, I am in jeans and skirts whatever I find comfortable in. When I do get a chance, I love dressing up too. As part of my profession, we get free opportunities to wear some of the most fabulous designer stuffs. Of course when I get a chance, I do go with it.

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You have your own line of sarees. What inspires you to come up with different saree designs?

I like saree so much that I have my own saree line. When I am not in India or I am travelling abroad, I tend to wear a lot more saree than I do when I am back home. My designs depend on what season and occasion it is for and what occasions to, and who we are catering to. Right now, we are doing a collection bridal season which has a very heavier range.  I like to play around with different motifs and different fabrics and try come up with something more innovative sarees.

(The interview was taken in 2013 at a press event.)