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by Vastradi Jewels : October 29 2014

Thewa jewellery is an intricate form of jewellery that involves embossing of an intricate gold sheet on molten glass. Dating back to the Mughal era, thewa jewellery has its roots in Pratapgarh district, Rajasthan India.

It is a traditional form of art that infuses 23K Gold with multi-coloured glass. The craftsmanship to create this kind of jewellery is intricate. The glass used in the jewellery is known to be treated with the special effect that gives it the glitter adding the extra charm to this exquisite piece of jewellery.

Since the piece of jewellery is so intricate, it sometimes takes over a month to craft a piece of jewellery. Thewa, is an art that pulsates with life, it uses the traditional motifs of Rajasthan in the jewellery and it depicts the tales that are a part of the rich traditional and heritage of the city.

To create a timeless piece of Thewa jewellery, terracotta pieces are first ground to a fine powder and the mixed with a blend of oils and chemicals to form a thick paste. The paste is then spread on a base of gold sheet and free hand designs are then etched on it. Artisans then use black paint to spread over the gold sheet so that the free hand design is clearly visible for further detailed work that will be carried out with a set of fine tools.

The intricate designs are most of the times based on Hindu mythology or depict court scenes from the Mughal era. Flora and fauna motifs are also commonly used in this intricate form of art.

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Often crafted in various geometric shapes, this jewellery comes in a variety of colours. While this can be teamed with any attire, it looks the best with a traditional look. The handmade Thewa jewellery has today fashioned into a ‘ must have’ jewellery that you should own.

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