6 DIY – Storage options for your jewellery
by Vinay Jaiswal : October 10 2014

Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all." ~Mark Twain 

 Yes, most of us would agree that jewellery is one the biggest assets that we can own. Jewellery, be it imitation or then the ones made with valuable metal, is all precious to us. The tangled necklaces and the missing earrings are always one of the causes of a heart break!

If you have always been storing your jewellery in one big box, it is time for you to start storing it the right way! These simple hacks will tell you how to store jewellery in an innovative way!


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Storage ideas – Get innovative

The basic tip for storing jewellery is to keep them in boxes that have different compartments in them. This allows you to segregate the jewellery in compartments and yet keep them together.

 If you have a collection of a lot of small earrings then you can opt for a medium size jewellery box with a lot of small compartments. This way you can also prevent them from getting intertwined with long danglers.  Use a jewellery box that has a solid exterior so that it cannot get damaged.

 Keeping your jewellery separate is very essential. Most of the times you have objects right at your home to store jewellery so you won’t need to make that extra purchase. Did you know you can make your own storage options? Curious? We’ll give lots of ideas!

  • Clothes pegs - Yes they are more useful than just hanging your clothes. You can use a clothes peg to hang your necklaces or bracelets. You can use it for any jewellery that is long. Hanging is best suited for necklaces or neck pieces. For the same you can use display boards or then hangers. Display boards include decorative hooks, triangular frameworks and mirrors with hooks. In this way you can create your own jewellery corner without occupying much space and with all the jewellery available to you at a glance!
  • Paper Cups - Use a cup to hold your rings and earrings. If you have hoops, link them together and store it in the cup so that you take out a pair at one go and you don’t have to search for the other one in the pile of earrings. If you can also use decorative cups with lids, it will ensure that your jewellery is also dust free.
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  • Candle holders – Ever seen those fancy tea light candle holders that look like a cage? You can use those to hang your danglers or long earrings. You can also use the glass holders of the candle stand to store your earrings
  • Glass it up – Glue coloured glass bottles to the flat surface of your shelf and use it to keep your bangles. Let them slide down the neck of the bottle and you have a colourful bangle holder to flaunt.
  • Decorative trees – You’ve often crossed them by in shops, the next time you see one pick it up and use it to store your accessories. Not only do these trees look attractive and add a quaint charm to your room, but will also look beautiful as a jewellery holder.
  • Use stuff around your home – Do you have an old rusted grater lying somewhere around your home? Paint it with a vibrant colour and use it hang your earrings. Take some tea cups and use them to store your rings and bracelets.

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These simple solutions are bound to give your jewellery a beautiful look and you also have innovative ways of storing your jewellery as well.  You never know when creativity will beckon you!

We wrap up with simple tips from Suman Dash, the founder of Vastradi Jewellery who shares her sure shot solutions on jewellery storage.  “Always store your jewellery in Zip lock pouches. This helps to prevent the moisture in the air to come in contact with the jewellery. This will also not allow the jewellery to discolour or fade. Equally important is to wipe the jewellery with a piece of soft flannel cloth or a piece of cotton ball so that any accumulated dirt can be cleaned. Last, but not the least, you need to ensure that you do not get the jewellery in contact with water or else it can lose its sheen.”

These easy hacks will ensure that you store jewellery the right way! After all who wouldn’t want to keep this precious collection well organized, intact and dazzling as ever!