Caring for your jewellery - Part 2
by Vinay Jaiswal : September 15 2014

In our last post we talked about how to store jewellery the right way. Storing jewellery the right way can help increase its shelf life. In the second post of the series of how to store and care for your jewellery, we will give you tips on how to clean and preserve your jewellery so that it has a longer shelf life. 


Cleaning your jewellery

Did you know that jewellery that is worn on a day to day basis such as bracelets bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings build up a fine layer of grime? The grime or dirt is a combination of your skin and body oils and the dirt and other substances that you come in contact with. It is this grime and dirt that causes your jewellery to look dull and lose its lustre and sheen. It is important to clean your jewellery regularly to get rid of the dirt and grime and restore its shine and sparkle. We have listed a few easy and quick tips for you to clean and care the jewellery easily and effectively.


How to clean your jewellery at home

Unlike gold, silver or diamond jewellery, artificial ones can be cleaned at home. It might be a little tricky depending on the design and type of jewellery, but with practise, you will be able to clean them effectively. Most jewellery can be cleaned without a problem. Some of the delicate or antique jewellery will require extra care and precaution. If you are unsure about how to clean any artefact, do consult a professional jeweller.   


Do not use chemicals

Cleansing agents with alcohol content do not work well on any type of jewellery, so don’t fall for the easy trick of rubbing a bit of alcohol on a piece of soft cloth to get the instant shine. To be honest, the shine does appear, but what you are also doing is causing irreparable damage to the jewellery. You could opt for mixing a bit of toothpaste with water and rubbing this solution on the jewellery to restore its sheen. Rub gently with a soft flannel cloth to get the shine back.   

Use soft cleaning agents

When you clean your jewellery, opt for soft cleaning agents like flannel or soft linen cloths. You can also use cotton buds to clean the intricate portion of your jewellery. Cotton balls are also an excellent option to clean your jewellery. Use a toothpick or a small pin to dislodge dirt particles stuck in between the designs. Once cleaned, wipe it off with a silk cloth or a soft cloth very gently. Be sure not to leave the jewellery piece moist.


Tips to keep in mind when you are cleaning your jewellery

  • When you are removing the jewellery, it is important to wipe each piece of the accessory used with a soft cloth that will absorb the perspiration and oils from the jewellery.
  • If your piece of jewellery has come with a certain set of cleaning instructions, follow it.
  • Use a soft brush and rub the jewellery gently to clean it.
  • It is advisable to get the jewellery polished professionally at least once a year to increase the life span of the ornament.
  • Once in a while do give your jewellery to a professional cleaner who will clean it thoroughly for you and also check for loose fittings if any.
  • Allow your jewellery to air dry once you have cleaned them.

We’d like to add a word of caution here, while buying artificial many of the physical stores as well as the online stores emphasize that you should not get your jewellery wet. If the jewellery is constant contact with water, it will lead to dullness and discolouration of the jewellery.  So avoid wearing this jewellery while going to bathe, swim or then in rains. After clothes, one very thing that fascinates women is jewellery. Every woman adores her collection and wants to keep it well preserved. Follow these simple tips to give your jewellery that extra sparkle and let it be your companion for a lifetime!

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