How to choose wedding jewellery
by Vinay Jaiswal : September 11 2014

Wedding is the one of the most important and the most planned out event in one’s life. Preparations often start months in advance to ensure that there are no last minute glitches. With the planning for wedding comes the hunting for the best of trousseau for the wedding and choosing the right wedding jewellery.

Once you have zeroed in to what you will wear for the wedding, it’s time to choose wedding jewellery that goes with your dress. It is important to choose wedding jewellery in close co-ordination with the clothes that you would wear. Wedding jewellery is an investment and with the latest designs in place, you have the option to choose wedding jewellery that can be worn even after the wedding with different outfits.    

Most people like to choose wedding jewellery based on designs and styles. Diamonds, precious stones set in gold or plain gold jewellery have been the preferred traditional choice for wedding jewellery.  There are a lot of things that one needs to consider when shopping and choosing the wedding jewellery. This simple check list will ensure that you choose wedding jewellery correctly!

Research - Browse online, Enquire

Researching on the wedding jewellery can be very useful. Look up in fashion magazines, browse online sites that sell jewellery or just step out for some window shopping. This will acquaint you with ongoing trend in the markets and will help you zero in and choose wedding jewellery accordingly. Shopping for jewellery online or even browsing for it will give you an insight on minute details that goes into the making of the jewellery.  

 Choose the right size

From the ring to the necklace, the bracelet and bangles and other accessories – the jewellery needs to be right size so that it does not over shadow the clothes or the styling of the bride. Each item of jewellery should be appropriately sized so that it does not overshadow the other accessory.


Start Early - Give enough time

No one’s hurrying up in this matter. The tip is to start exploring the varieties as soon as you can. The more varieties you see, the easier it makes you to understand the trends that are in the market and what you can choose for your wedding.

 Buy Jewellery According your face cut

When you choose wedding jewellery keep in mind the kind of face cut you have. Choosing earrings according to the face cut will enhance your bridal look and accentuate your features. Since the face is most photographed in a wedding wearing incorrect shaped earring will stand out. Read more on how to choose earrings according to your face cut.

List down all that you will wear

Make a list of all that you need for the wedding day. Bangles, bracelets maang teeka, earrings, necklaces, rings, arm bands or cuffs, toe rings and the likes. The list is long, but once you decide what you want to wear, it will easy to coordinate the jewellery according to the colours and patterns that you will choose.

Ease of jewellery

One of the most important parts of choosing jewellery is the ease of carrying it off.  While you choose wedding jewellery specific to the occasion, you also need to keep in mind that the jewellery should be comfortable to wear again at different occasions. Opt for elegant pieces that can you can mix and match with different attires as well.

Choosing the right accessories

Choosing jewellery for your wedding is as important as choosing the wedding attire. One needs to understand the difference between styling your attire and over wearing of jewellery. Remember the jewellery is just make you look more beautiful and not to take away all the glamour from you. So it is always necessary to choose the right jewellery bearing in mind that it has to enhance your look on the wedding day.

Most of you will agree that wedding jewellery has its own special importance. Unlike normal day jewellery this jewellery stands more valuable not just because of the monetary value, but because of the events and memories associated with it. So go ahead and choose your wedding jewellery and get ready to look a gorgeous you.