Caring for your jewellery - Part 1
by Vastradi Jewelry : August 19 2014

No matter what your jewellery type is, caring for your jewellery the right way can give it a longer life. A lot of people are opting for artificial or semi-precious jewellery that is easy on the budget and for the variety that it offers. Shopping for jewellery online is fast catching up because of the numerous benefits it offers. Convenience, choice, variety and easy payment options, the list is endless. In this two part post, we will share with you simple tips on how to store and care for your jewellery. 
As we mentioned earlier, artificial jewellery comes with its own benefits – these are easily affordable and you are because they are not very expensive. You are spoilt for choices with the various designs that they have for the customers, and not to mention the most important fact that all of it is available in one store. For your jewellery to have a long shelf life, you will to follow a few maintenance tips regularly. In this first post, we will let you know how to store your jewellery the right way. 
Storing the jewellery separately 
Separate your jewellery according to the type of jewellery. Bunching can damage or tangle the jewellery. It is preferable to use a jewellery box with many compartments to store your jewellery. It will help you to keep them separately and also convenient to search. Store your earrings in a separate compartment of the box, danglers in another, and rings in yet another compartment. If you want to segregate your jewellery according to the colours, it will be easier to pick up the ones you want to accessorize with your outfits. 
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Payals and toe-rings 
Payals are best stored when they are interlinked as a pair, doing this will help you pick the right pair at one go. You can store these in small cloth bags so that the shine and the colour of the jewellery does not get affected. For the toe-rings, use small plastic bags to keep them together.
Bangles and bracelets
Bangles and bracelets should be stored in a bangle box or a square jewellery box. If your bangles and bracelets have intricate beads and gemstones on them, be sure to wrap it in a soft cloth. This way, even if any gemstones fall off, you would be able to place it back. 
Necklaces and pendants 
Necklaces, pendants and jewellery with beads would stay long if you hang them rather than keeping them in the box. If you have delicate pieces of jewellery, place them on a soft fabric or cotton and store them in plastic or jewellery box. You can also hang the necklaces and other dangling jewellery to a hanger and keep it in your cupboard. 
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Keep your artificial jewellery away from chemicals 
This is one of the most important points to keep in mind when you are storing jewellery. Did you know that chemicals are not good for jewellery? You can’t even use them as cleaning agents for your jewellery. When you are getting ready to go out for a party, ensure that jewellery is the last thing you wear because the chemicals from perfumes can damage the shine and to discoloration of the jewellery. It can also lead to a skin rash or cause allergies.  
Some important things to keep in mind when you store jewellery
  • No matter what type of jewellery you have, ensure that you keep it away from dust.
  • Always store your jewellery in closed boxes or pouches.  
  • Avoid using a cloth or a brush to get rid of the dust, because you can end up scratching the jewellery or dislocating the stones that are embedded in it. 
  • If you are wearing artificial jewellery, one word of precaution that we would like to add here is that don’t wear it if you are pursuing any manual household work or are sleeping. These are delicate and can get damaged easily. 
  • Keep in mind that jewellery storage depends upon the size, type and the material of the jewellery. If you do not store jewellery the right way, it is likely to lose its sheen and value as well. 

Important tip:Products should be put in a zipped plastic pouch which would prevent air to get inside and cause damage due to environmental moisture.

In our next post we will share some easy tips on how to clean and preserve your jewellery the right way so that it can have a longer shelf life. 
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