5 reasons why you be shopping for jewellery online
by Vastradi Jewelry : August 14 2014

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Online shopping is here to stay. Buying at the convenience of a click rather than spending hours at a mall or a store is something people are willing to trade to save time. Yes, we do know that it can be absolute fun visiting stores and spending time on a shopping trip, but when you are looking at that one exact thing you want, shopping online makes your choice easier.

There are lots of stores that sell jewellery online. When jewellery was being sold online, there were reluctant customers who had millions of questions in their mind and they refrained from shopping for jewellery online. Today, there is a comfort factor and there are people who can vouch for shopping for jewellery online because they are spoilt for choices.

Online jewellery stores make it easy for you to buy, compare prices or just browse through different types and styles of jewellery. Shopping online has its own merits and we have listed a few for you.


Just like most online shopping, buying jewellery online is one of the most convenient options. You can shop for hour’s together sitting at the comfort of your home and buy jewellery at any time of the day.  And have you thought of the best part? What you choose is shipped right to your doorstep. Some websites offer the customer a trial before they actually pay for the products. That is indulging in customer delight and adding that extra sparkle to the jewellery you just picked up!

DE70 Designer earringsSpoilt for choice

Yes, you are! More often than not when you are shopping online for jewellery, you are so spoilt for choice that you end up buying more than what you intended to!  Online jewellery stores often offer a rare treasure that is not available elsewhere. Add a generous dose of variety to it and you can explore various designs of jewellery. Most physical jewellery stores will not boast of such a variety and collection.

Informed Choice

Most online stores have the product information upfront. From the weight of the metal used to craft the jewellery, defining carats, gemstones used, treatment used for making the jewellery and more; the information is right in front of the customer so that they are able to make an informed choice. You need not wait to get the attention from a busy sales person just in case the physical shop has a rushed or a busy day. You have the information right in front of you to be able to decide whether you want to make the purchase or not.

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Great prices 

Most online stores don't need to worry about rents, leasing or maintaining a brick and mortar store. So the prices offered will be marked down and you are likely to get a better deal that what you would get at a physical store. Since there is likely to be a bulk dealing involved, the prices are lesser and the customer gets the benefits. So as a customer, you do get a better deal when you are shopping online.
Interactive Sessions

Most websites showcase a product in a variety of angles with supporting pictures that lets you see how a product will actually look when you wear it. This allows you to get a complete look of the product that you are about to buy.

While there are many advantages of shopping for jewellery online, we would like to add one word of caution for your convenience.  What would you do if you are dissatisfied with your purchase? Before you do click on the BUY NOW button, review the company’s return policy and know what you are entitled to do just in case you want to return your purchased jewellery. Always keep a printout or a screen shot of the purchases made along with the transaction details just in case you need to return a product that is defective or not as per your liking. Keep these tips in mind to make your experience in shopping for jewellery a memorable one! 


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