Cool & Coordinated – Tips to keep in mind when accessorizing jewellery
by Vastradi Jewelry : August 16 2014

Dressing right is a skill that comes with practice; after all most of us do want to look good and trendy. Accessories you use can define who you are, so when you dress up, teaming it with the right jewlry can give you the cool yet coordinated look.

The market is booming with accessories and choosing them can be fun! You can buy a wide array of jewellery from online stores as well at the comfort of your home. The more variety you have, the easier it becomes for you to choose the right kind of jewellery to accessorize with different outfits.

We have listed a few tips that will help you look cool and coordinated when you accessorize right.

Choose the metal

Jewellery today is beyond the traditional gold, diamonds and silver. Yes, we do know that they have a higher value but a bunch of artificial jewellery can add to the variety that you have. You can choose from ethnic styles like kundan and pearls to contemporary styles like sterling silver and more. Different types of metals compliment different types of dressing. 

Adjustable Fancy Ring R122 By VastradiJewela

Pick the occasion

Let the invitation and hour of the event be your guide to choosing the accessories. Right attire complimented with the right type of jewellery can make you the highlight of the occasion. Most traditional occasions like a wedding or an engagement requires a formal dressing that is best accentuated with traditional jewellery. Jhumkas, temple jewellery, chokers and heavy pendants go well with sarees and lehengas. If you are wearing a with a silver zari border, you can team it with diamond and silver jewellery or kundan sets. Similarly a saree with a golden zari border will look best with gold jewellery.

Match the attire

It is important to match your jewellery to the color of dress for it to blend well.  Color of the jewellery should be in lieu of the color of the dress one is wearing. Wearing earrings, neck piece, rings with same shade as that of the dress is always preferable. But sometimes contrast colors can also do enhance the style. Just a word of caution though, experimenting with too many colors can make you look very gaudy.

Mix and Match

If you are confused about the right look, try out various styles till to arrive at one that you feel most comfortable with. The mix and match and match concept works well most of the times. The main thumb rule is that you opt for the colors of the clothes rather than the styles. Last but not the least there is also a section of jewellery which goes well on any kind of attire. This beautiful set from Vastradi helps you mix colours according to the colours of your clothes.

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Shop Right

Shopping for jewellery online is easy. Not only are you spoilt for choice, but also have the advantage of choosing various trends and styles in jewellery that you may not get under one roof at a brick and mortar jewellery store. Shopping online has its own advantages and making the right choices often helps you buy the right product. You might interested in viewing this short video clip in which Suman Dash, the founder of Vastradi Jewels gives viewers tips on how to buy jewellery online. If you want to read a detailed post on the pros of shopping for jewellery online, you can click here to read a post we recently wrote.

Some do’s and don’ts

  • Avoid wearing ethnic or traditional jewellery with formals.
  • Opt for small earrings or pearls that will go well with western formals.
  • Opt for stylish neckpieces with large pendants when wearing starched cotton sarees.
  • Plain cotton sarees also look best with light jewellery
  • Pearls also are a great combination to wear with Lucknowi embroidered dresses and sarees.
  • White and grey pearls compliment chiffons and georgette sarees very well.
  • Don’t mix too many jewellery types as it can make your outfit and appearance look very mismatched.


Accessorizing your clothes with the right jewellery will only add grace to your outfit and it will make you look smart, beautiful and elegant. Whether you stick to conventional jewellery like diamonds, gold and silver or opt for artificial jewellery let the jewellery compliment your dressing. Jewellery when teamed with the right accessories and outfit can add a different charm to your persona. Keep these simple tips in mind the next time you want to accessorize your clothes with the appropriate jewellery.