Knot in this thread only symbolises Love and Protection
by anu acharya : August 08 2014

It is so believed by people around the world that Indians just need an excuse to celebrate and so they are marvelled to know how we have plethora of festivals which are celebrated one after the other. The list seems never ending. Well, it is indeed ! Not to forget, every festival is celebrated in a grand manner. 


Rakshabandhan (a knot of protection) is one of the festival from that very list. It signifies a sister’s love and blessings for her brother’s well being, while the brother promises to always protect his sister. This festival takes every brother and sister down the memory lane and reminds them that there's someone out there with whom their relationship will always remain special. In fact, this relationship IS special.

Special because the only way a brother and a sister show their love for each other is by showing hatered towards one another. They grow up teasing, insulting and fighting with each other. Behind all this so called hatered is love, care and deep respect. They make one great team and are with each other through thick and thin. A brother and a sister duo literally keeps the house on fire with their notorious activities. Rakshabandhan is a day to celebrate this special bond that just strengthens as time goes by. 


So all you brothers and sisters, bond over lots of mithai and amazing gifts ! Make this Rakshabandhan even more memorable and cherish this special day with your family and loved ones.  

Written by : Anushree Acharya