Know Your Type
by anu acharya : June 20 2014

Not sure about what type of jewellery suits your face the best ? How about we give you some tips to make jewellery selection easier for you.

There you go ! 


Oval Shaped Face -  Women with an oval shaped face can usually wear all types of earrings and necklaces. Oval works easily with most lengths, shapes and sizes of jewellery.



                                Madhuri Dixit Nene                                                    Julia Roberts



Heart Shaped Face - Such a face is more similar to oval face. With a strong, wide forehead and a narrow defined chin. Choker or short length necklaces work best for this facial type, because they create more bulk near the narrow area of a face enhancing its balance. Cluster or other smallish earrings look stylish without adding extra length or slimming down a face that's already narrow. Earrings with a wide bottom will also work great.



                                  Deepika Padukone                                              Scarlett Johansson



Pear or Triangular Shaped Face - Long necklaces look the best but one can be creative by adding pendants and mixing a variety of chains and necklace of different lengths. The extra adornments bring more balance to a strong-jawed face. The same goes for earrings, a little extra length will help elongate your face and create balance.



                             Malaika Arora Khan                                                    Jennifer Love Hewitt



Square Shaped Face - Defined, angular cheeks and a strong jaw line and forehead are typical of square face shapes. You may have to play around with jewellery to see which styles suit you best, but longer necklaces are usually a good choice. Small earrings are a good choice for women with square shaped faces.



                                 Kareena Kapoor                                                               Sandra Bullock


Round Shaped Face - These faces are rarely true circles, but their fuller cheeks and strong forehead trigger a need for longer necklaces and earrings to help elongate the face into a more oval appearance. You can choose from a wide array of styles.



                                    Preity Zinta                                                                      Cameron Diaz



Happy Accessorizing everyone ! 



Written By : Anushree Acharya