Snazzy Parineeta
by anu acharya : June 16 2014

Vidya Balan is known to be one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood. Since her debut in Parineeta she has never disappointed her audience and has given splendid performance in every movie. Though during her initial years  in the industry, she was criticised by the fashion police for her absurd dressing sense. Yet that did not stop her from lashing back at them in the most subtle and sophisticated way. She managed to do so by creating her own style while others were trying to bring her down and impose their views on her. Today, she is among the most celebrated woman in the film industry.

Vidya is the new age Rekha, she likes to dress up traditionally and needless to say she does it with great aplomb. She’s among the ones who like to break away from the regular. Just like her saris, her choice of jewellery is also eccentric.    



Credits : Ranka Jewellers


One glance at her and doesn’t she manage to mesmerise all  ?

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Written by : Anushree Acharya