VastraDi Jewels
by anu acharya : June 12 2014

VastraDiJewels - means jewellery to go with your vastra (clothes).

 Mompreneur in Gurgaon | Vastradi Jewels Co-founder

Each piece is handcrafted in various parts of India. The traditional Indian jewellery comes straight from the hands of Indian artisans and the casual trendy jewellery from Thailand. Founded by Ms. Suman Dash in 2011 and joined by Mr. Vinay Jaiswal a year later, Vastradi is an iridescent jewellery brand for the enigmatic women of the 21st century.

An Engineer by profession, Ms. Suman always wanted to break free from the monotonous world of IT and start something of her own.  She loves to travel and has even had opportunity to travel most of India and some major parts of Asia during her years as a working professional.  She has always had a flare for picking up eclectic jewellery pieces.

It was during an exhibition when jewellery picked up by her from abroad sold like hot cakes. That was her beginning. She wanted to explore this business and hence ‘VastradiJewels’ came about. 


VastradiJewels is located in the millennium city Gurgaon and has customers all over India and also in USA, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

Recently we have come into association with Shopify which has helped us in handling our business a great deal. Our website doesn’t hang anymore while our customers browse through it. It is reliable and helps the entrepreneurs to take care of their business while it takes care of the technical nitty-gritty’s.

The Vastradi team would like to thank its customers for providing so much support from various parts of the globe. To the budding entrepreneurs, we would like to give a message that don’t wait if you’re wanting to start your own business. Be opportunistic and make the most of your skills and ideas. Let them roll! Cheers!



Written by: Anushree Acharya