Summer Virtu
by anu acharya : June 06 2014

Lazy afternoons, cool colas and chirpy evenings are here again. Soul-sucking sun is out and has given the temperature a mind-numbing high !  It’s yet again the time of tropical warm days and starry nights. Mind is relaxed and what better an excuse to enjoy your vacation? So we say hola to holiday time !

Dressing becomes cool and comfy with bright colours to light up the lethargic days. To add some glamour to your look, accessorizing is the way to go of course. Summer time is when one should keep it simple yet stylish while having so much to experiment with. Dreamy and charming florals, bright and chunky beads, subtle and elegant gemstones, alluring golds and silvers.  Dazzle at each occasion, whether it is a family brunch or evening gossip with your ladies.  Get the perfect and apt jewellery of your choice at Vastradi Jewels which is easy on your pocket as well.





 Written by : Anushree Acharya