The Different Facets of Jewelry
by suman dash : June 03 2014

Styles of jewelry has been changing every now and then since ancient times. In the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc., jewelry is a form of adornment that has been used since ages, all around the globe. During the prehistoric times, it was made out of stones, shells or bones to enhance the beauty of the human who wore it. It symbolized status of the individual in the society or worn as a protection, during the ancient times. But, during the contemporary era, the intent has entirely changed with time. Now it is merely worn to enhance the appearance of the individual and make it look splendid.


 Plethora of diverse gemstones and elements are used by the jewelers to create fine pieces of jewelry these days. Gold, platinum, silver, white gold, titanium and palladium are the most widely and universally used elements. These elements in combination with some vibrant coloured gemstones create spectacular and appealing pieces of jewelry. Jewels are a part of the human culture worldwide and undoubtedly, people spend money on it. Diamond is one of the most popular stones which is used in the creation of exclusive pieces of jewelry. Well, there is Ruby, Emerald, Quartz, Sapphire, Turquoise, etc. which are also combined with the elements thus building attractive jewels.

The boundaries of jewelry are redefined continuously with new technologies and pocket friendly materials in market. Plastics, textile and paper are also being widely used to produce exclusive jewelry items with magnificent designs making it affordable for a large segment of people. Polki, Kundan, American Diamonds, Pachi and Beads are widely used these days. Now, you can wear a new one to every occasion that you attend, as the artificial fashion jewelry is budget friendly which makes it easily accessible to all. Isn’t it amazing? Plethora fashionable designs with amazing color combinations, is the sole aim of artificial jewelry makers.

The quality of jewelry worn by an individual symbolizes his or her status. People who belong to the elite class used to spend on gold and platinum. But now the trend is changing. Even the elite class want exclusive pieces of designer jewelry where a different one can be worn at a different occasion and the best part; one can get something matching with the beautiful outfit. So, one has the option to mix and match different varieties. Even at the big fat Indian weddings, the brides prefer to beautify themselves using stylish and artificial designer jewelry. So, it would be a great idea to try some great designer stuff.