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Love is in the Air !!
by suman dash : February 14 2015 :

This is da story of Gaurav and his better half Aditi.. A True Punjabi Boy fell in love with the cute Brahmin girl Aditi while pursuing their MBA preparations. They say that their love developed with just their eyes talking and noticing each other's little things. Aditi liked the cute and serious guy who kept giving her those Glances and Gaurav says he was swayed by Aditi's amazing voice and... ...Read more

Jewel Check - Celebs at Sinha’s Grand Wedding
by Priyanka V : January 19 2015 :

Jewel Check - Celebs At Sinha's Grand Wedding

Wedding season has begun! Recently, veteran Bollywood actor and MP Shatrughan Sinha’s son Kush Sinha got married and the groom’s sister Sonakshi Sinha ensured to look her bubbliest and best at the wedding. Politicians including our Prime Minister Narender Modi himself attended the ceremony while crème de la crème of the industries had super fun at the festive get together. Let's check the jewels out! :) 

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7 Ways To Style Yourself In Coins (Temple Jewellery)
by Priyanka V : January 17 2015 :

7 ways to style yourself in coins

India is the country of varied traditions! The culture, food, people, fashion and jewellery vary as you move from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. In South India, temple jewellery is of prime importance. You can witness Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchupudi and even Kathak dancer adorning themselves in the temple jewellery. Brides too wear this form of jewellery on their wedding day.

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How To Choose Best Mangalsutra For Yourself?
by Priyanka V : January 15 2015 :

How to choose best mangalsutra for yourself?

As the wedding season begins, the shopping for the best of jewellery gets on the high agenda for the would-be brides and the married women. One of the jewel pieces in the buy list that has no replacement is ‘Mangalsutra’, which is also a part of India’s ancient religious values especially when it comes to wedding.

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15 Most Common Resolutions of Women!
by Priyanka V : January 02 2015 :

15 Most Common Resolutions of Women

A new year gives a fresh thrust to many pending goals! However, the spirit of following the set resolutions fades away with time, or may be within months. We tend to keep on repeating the similar resolutions year after year! Here are 15 most common resolutions of women.

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14 Best Celebrity Looks of 2014!
by Priyanka V : December 31 2014 :

14 Best Celebrity Looks of 2014

2014 has been the year of many fashion moments be it Dia Mirza’s wedding, Karwa Chauth, Arpita Khan’s wedding to Christmas Mass, where all celebrities, dressed in the best of outfits, gathered together for the festivity. With Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s fashion moments at Cannes this year, Anushka Sharma having her fashion moment at the front row of the International Fashion Show, Kajol giving many public appearances after a long sabbatical to Sonakshi Sinha trying out off-beat dresses to Kangana Ranaut opting for no- jewellery at many of her looks, 2014 has been trendsetter year in the fashion! Have a look at top 14 best looks of 2014 with a special focus on jewel check.

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10 Safety Rules for Women in The New Year Eve!
by Priyanka V : December 29 2014 :

10 Rules Of Safety For Women In New Year Eve!
We all know that women are not safe in our city. With many rape and abduction cases popping up every now and then, it has become necessary for every woman to ensure safety measures wherever she goes! When it’s about New Year party, the more number of crime cases against women are reported than in the gone year. Hence, we request all women to please read these safety rules and ensure a safe New Year eve today and tomorrow for forever!  
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Jewellery That Indian Women Must Own!
by Priyanka V : December 27 2014 :

Jewellery That Indian Women Must Own!

Indian women have immense love for jewellery! Be it any occasion, just purchase a woman a set of ornament and they will shower all their happiness upon you. Jewels further beautify a woman’s look. Without a jewel, a woman’s wardrobe is not complete. Though, women have all kinds of jewels ready with them to go with any occasions, we bring you the list of jewels that Indian women must have to look even more traditional or stylish!  

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10 Things You Should Never Say To a Woman About Her Make Up!
by Priyanka V : December 24 2014 :

10 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman About Make Up!

Karishma Tanna: “I want my make-up back!”
Gautam: “But why do you need make up?”
Karishma: “Such an ugly man, Big Boss!!”
Every woman like to look her best! Which makes Make-up the essential part of a woman’s wardrobe that if you question it, it equals to offending the beauty of a woman. Have a look, may be you can learn something! ;)
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Jewel Check – Earrings & Necklaces Outshined at Manish Malhotra’s Niece’s Wedding!
by Priyanka V : December 22 2014 :

Earrings & Necklaces Outshined At Manish Malhotra's Niece's Wedding
Manish Malhotra’s niece Rridhi Malhotra’s wedding turned out to be a star-studded affair! Tinsel town divas dressed their best in India’s most famous couture designer Manish Malhotra’s outfits. Some chose to drape themselves in sarees while some chose to feel beautiful in the designers’ saree lehenga. How they accessorised their looks for the wedding was even more interesting as we got to see a new trend emerging this season! Heavy Necklaces, beaded or metallic! Although, earrings, danglers or Jhumkas have always been in the trend.
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Jewel Check – How 14 Celebrities Accessorized Their Looks At the Stardust Awards?
by Priyanka V : December 16 2014 :

Jewellery Celebrities Wore At Stardust Awards 2014

Awards function is the opportunity for tinsel town ladies to experiment with their red carpet looks, as it is time when shutterbugs be present in their fullest mode and fashion critics eagle eyes every possible faux pas, likes and dislikes. At the recently concluded Stardust Awards, Bollywood women sashayed down the red carpet in best of their styles with best of accessory! We take a look at how they chose to style their outfit with the jewellery and whether you can buy those styles at the affordable rates online! 

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5 Jewellery Trends from Sonam Kapoor’s Dolly ki Doli
by Priyanka V : December 15 2014 :

5 Jewellery Trends From Sonam Kapoor's Dolly ki Doli
Bollywood diva Sonam Kapoor is a popular fashionista as well! Her upcoming latest ‘Dolly ki Doli’, produced by Arbaaz Khan, has Sonam’s experimenting with 16 new looks for her character of a con lady. She has carried many Indian bridal looks and appeared in many traditional avatars. Though, the film is due to release early next year, we have thought of presenting you the 5 popular jewel trends that our fashion diva Sonam Kapoor has donned in her film ‘Dolly ki Doli’.
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4 Inspirational Quotes | Jewels Collection for the Day
by Vastradi Jewels : December 13 2014 :

Woman , You can DO it !

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Jewel Check: Arpita Khan On Her Wedding Festivities
by Priyanka V : December 13 2014 :

Arpita Khan & Ayush Sharma's wedding, Taj Falaknuma Palace, Hyderabad, Salman Khan

The lady Arpita Khan, who is also Bollywood hunk Salman Khan’s adoring sister, has her wedding diaries written in no less than a fairy tale! That every woman dreams of! The whole industry’s spotlight turned on her wedding with her long time beau Ayush Sharma at Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad on 18th November and wedding rituals around the wedding date. While everyone had talked about the costumes she chose to wear on her most important functions of her wedding, we would like to focus more on her choice of jewellery to match with those beautiful and grandeur costumes.  

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Celebrating GOSF 2014! Latest Jewellery Offers of the Day !
by Vastradi Jewelry : December 12 2014 :

Earrings under Rs.500 ! This can't get any better.. So beautiful yet so reasonably priced ! You find it only at #Vastradi Jewels ! To check out the entire range click

#ImitationJewellery #ArtificialJewellery #FashionEarrings

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Jewel of the Day
by Vastradi Jewels : December 11 2014 :

"The process of finding happiness within one's own Self may be difficult and slow but it cannot be found anywhere else."
— Swami Parthasarathy

Vastradi Jewels

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Lara Dutta Reveals Her Wedding Jewel Secrets
by Vinay Jaiswal : December 10 2014 :

Lara Dutta, Former Miss Universe, Bollywood Actress

Former beauty queen turned actress turned entrepreneur turned designer, multi-talented Lara Dutta dons as many creative hats she likes to. Two years back, she also launched her own label of saree designs in association with Chhabra 555, which is still doing a success in the market. In 2011, Lara Dutta got married to tennis champion Mahesh Bhupathi. Having gone through the experience of her own wedding preparations, Lara Dutta shares some tips and advises for the would-be brides as well as gets into the details of her own wedding trousseau and jewellery preferences in an exclusive chat with Vastradi Jewels. 

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How to Style Jewellery for Wedding Functions?
by Vastradi Jewels : December 09 2014 :

Learn to style your jewellery for wedding functions.

Source : Wikipedia


Your family’s wedding function is round the corner. Haven’t you selected the jewellery to wear yet? Or still confused what to buy? Let’s make your task easier for you.

You will need different jewellery for different functions like Mehendi, Godh Tika, Sangeet, Wedding and finally reception.

Most of all, the kind of jewellery you choose to style majorly depends on the dress you have selected for various functions related to wedding.

Here are the styling dos and don’ts you should bring in your consideration!...

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4 Top Most liked Inspirational Quotes / Jewels on our FaceBook Page
by Vastradi Jewels : December 08 2014 :

Collected by www.vastradiJewels.com , an Online Portal for Shopping Indian Ethnic, Fashion, Imitation, Artificial Jewellery!

Click on the images to enlarge ! 

Just Dance It is gonna be Okay !


Just DANCE !!!

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Here's to 50 beautiful ears
by Vastradi Jewels : November 15 2014 :

Poking holes into the body for various reasons is as an age old practice and dates back to ancient times. Studies by anthropologist and historians prove this. Piercing the ears is an integral part of this ancient school of thought. Trivia: The oldest mummy ever found has pierced ears.  Ear piercings, though, are not just about beauty. They have much to do with religion, politics, culture and other markers of... ...Read more

Shaadi ke 5 side effects
by Vinay Jaiswal : November 11 2014 :

1. Navrai Majhi (Film- English Vinglish)

This wedding set goes beautifully with the gorgeous red sari Sridevi is wearing in this video. Did you know? The protagonist in English Vinglish, played by Sridevi, was inspired by the director's (Gauri Shinde) mother. Also, the film marked Sridevi's return to films after a 15-year hiatus.


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5 Most Famous Movie Necklaces
by Vastradi Jewels : November 06 2014 :

Heart of the Ocean

Film: Titanic
Inspired by the real life Hope Diamond. In the movie, the Heart of the Ocean was a rare blue diamond that once graced Louis XVI’s crown and went AWOL after the Louis XVI was bumped off. It was later found and the shape of a heart was cut out of it, which was named the Heart of the Ocean and might cost anything between just $250,000,000 to $300,000,000 today.

Really speaking, the actual Hope Diamond, a 45.5CT blue diamond, was part of Louis XIV’s royal necklace and not crown. And while the Heart of the Ocean and the movie are fictional, they were inspired by a tragic love affair on the actual Titanic and involved a precious sapphire necklace. As they say, life imitates art.

Movie necklace Set

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Buy Thewa jewellery online
by Vastradi Jewels : October 29 2014 :

Thewa jewellery is an intricate form of jewellery that involves embossing of an intricate gold sheet on molten glass. Dating back to the Mughal era, thewa jewellery has its roots in Pratapgarh district, Rajasthan India.

It is a traditional form of art that infuses 23K Gold with multi-coloured glass. The craftsmanship to create this kind of jewellery is intricate. The glass used in the jewellery is known to be treated with the special effect that gives it the glitter adding the extra charm to this exquisite piece of jewellery.

Since the piece of jewellery is so intricate, it sometimes takes over a month to craft a piece of jewellery. Thewa, is an art that pulsates with life, it uses the traditional motifs of Rajasthan in the jewellery and it depicts the tales that are a part of the rich traditional and heritage of the city.

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Style Diva - Shilpa Shetty
by Vinay Jaiswal : October 15 2014 :

She forayed into the movie scene two decades ago and ever since, she's been known for her fashion sense and has rarely had a bad moment! While she is a versatile fashionista, she blends and carries off the traditional look with the contemporary looks almost effortlessly. Rarely nitpicked for the versatile dressing  sense, she's always been talked about for her beauty and dressing. If you ask us, we love it most when she dons a traditional look.  We've compiled some easy to get looks that Shilpa Shetty has made an appearance in the past years. Choose your pick and let us know which one is your fav! 

Shilpa Shetty dons the traditional look in this beautiful red and cream saree and accessories it with bare minimum jewellery. She's worn traditional earrings with a single neck piece that does not look overboard. When you wear sarees, it is best to accessorize with a single piece of jewellery rather than opting for multiple layers of jewellery. 

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Glam your style this Diwali
by Vastradi Jewelry : October 13 2014 :

The season of festivals is here! It is time when you can glam your quotient this festival season and get ready to look your best. The festival season starts off with Navratris, where it is all about nine nights of tireless dancing and celebrations. Indian festivals are vibrant and full of colours, needless to say that you will be greeted by a bevy of colours. This is followed by Diwali,... ...Read more

6 DIY – Storage options for your jewellery
by Vinay Jaiswal : October 10 2014 :

Do it Yourself Jewellery Organizing

Let us not be too particular; it is better to have old second-hand diamonds than none at all." ~Mark Twain 

 Yes, most of us would agree that jewellery is one the biggest assets that we can own. Jewellery, be it imitation or then the ones made with valuable metal, is all precious to us. The tangled necklaces and the missing earrings are always one of the causes of a heart break!

If you have always been storing your jewellery in one big box, it is time for you to start storing it the right way! These simple hacks will tell you how to store jewellery in an innovative way!

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4 common household products to sparkle your jewellery
by Vastradi Jewelry : September 18 2014 :

We all love that dazzle and the sheen in the jewellery. Yes, it is at its brightest, but when used often most jewellery can look dull and lose its sheen.  Wouldn’t most of us head to the jeweller to get the ornaments polished? Well, that is the ideal option, but if you are hard pressed for time, you can get the shine and dazzle right at home! Surprised? Don’t be!... ...Read more

Caring for your jewellery - Part 2
by Vinay Jaiswal : September 15 2014 :

In our last post we talked about how to store jewellery the right way. Storing jewellery the right way can help increase its shelf life. In the second post of the series of how to store and care for your jewellery, we will give you tips on how to clean and preserve your jewellery so that it has a longer shelf life. 


Cleaning your jewellery

Did you know that jewellery that is worn on a day to day basis such as bracelets bangles, rings, necklaces and earrings build up a fine layer of grime? The grime or dirt is a combination of your skin and body oils and the dirt and other substances that you come in contact with. It is this grime and dirt that causes your jewellery to look dull and lose its lustre and sheen. It is important to clean your jewellery regularly to get rid of the dirt and grime and restore its shine and sparkle. We have listed a few easy and quick tips for you to clean and care the jewellery easily and effectively.


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How to choose wedding jewellery
by Vinay Jaiswal : September 11 2014 :

Wedding is the one of the most important and the most planned out event in one’s life. Preparations often start months in advance to ensure that there are no last minute glitches. With the planning for wedding comes the hunting for the best of trousseau for the wedding and choosing the right wedding jewellery.

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Choose earrings according to face cut
by Vinay Jaiswal : September 08 2014 :

Yes, the perfect earrings can add that finishing touch to any outfit! After all dressing up right involves not just donning the right kind of apparels, but also the right kind of jewellery. While shopping for jewellery online most women choose accessories depending on the colour, style and the outfit that they are buying it for.  In the entire shopping, sometimes women tend to forget one important aspect – the shape of their face.  It is important to choose earrings according to your face shape because it enhances and accentuates the beauty of the earring and the person wearing it.

How to choose earrings according to your face cut

Earrings have always been one of the most preferred accessories in dressing up.  What you first need to determine is your face cut so that it becomes easy to choose earrings according to your face shape.

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Fashionista Alia Bhatt
by Vastradi Jewelry : September 01 2014 :

She debuted with the film Student of the Year in 2013 and she's been in the news for her immaculate dressing style and her numerous appearances in the red carpet events. The barely 21 Alia Bhatt has donned various styles in the past year pleasing the fashion police. She's donned a blend of almost every look, the youngm fab and funky look with the debut film SOTY, the South Indian... ...Read more

Accessorising with Coin Jewellery
by Vastradi Jewelry : August 25 2014 :

Traditional jewellery has always been a source of fascination for many. It teams up best with traditional attire as it enhances the look of not just the clothes but also the wearer. When creating traditional jewellery, there is a wide usage of gemstones, coins and other precious items that are typically set into precious and semi-precious metals.

Coin jewellery in particular has been made ever since the inception of coinage. Ancient excavations show coin jewellery were a part of accessories even thousands of years ago. 

The coin earrings are best teamed with ethnic outfits, but of late these earrings are fast catching up as a must have accessory with Western wear as well. Set with semi precious stones and pearls, these add an ethnic charm to the outfit. These beautiful earrings are teamed with a necklace that completes the look. These are available in red and green stones. 

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Caring for your jewellery - Part 1
by Vastradi Jewelry : August 19 2014 :

No matter what your jewellery type is, caring for your jewellery the right way can give it a longer life. A lot of people are opting for artificial or semi-precious jewellery that is easy on the budget and for the variety that it offers. Shopping for jewellery online is fast catching up because of the numerous benefits it offers. Convenience, choice, variety and easy payment options, the list is endless. In... ...Read more

Cool & Coordinated – Tips to keep in mind when accessorizing jewellery
by Vastradi Jewelry : August 16 2014 :

Dressing right is a skill that comes with practice; after all most of us do want to look good and trendy. Accessories you use can define who you are, so when you dress up, teaming it with the right jewlry can give you the cool yet coordinated look.

The market is booming with accessories and choosing them can be fun! You can buy a wide array of jewellery from online stores as well at the comfort of your home. The more variety you have, the easier it becomes for you to choose the right kind of jewellery to accessorize with different outfits.

We have listed a few tips that will help you look cool and coordinated when you accessorize right.

Choose the metal

Jewellery today is beyond the traditional gold, diamonds and silver. Yes, we do know that they have a higher value but a bunch of artificial jewellery can add to the variety that you have. You can choose from ethnic styles like kundan and pearls to contemporary styles like sterling silver and more. Different types of metals compliment different types of dressing. 

Adjustable Fancy Ring R122 By VastradiJewela
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5 reasons why you be shopping for jewellery online
by Vastradi Jewelry : August 14 2014 :

Online shopping is here to stay. Buying at the convenience of a click rather than spending hours at a mall or a store is something people are willing to trade to save time. Yes, we do know that it can be absolute fun visiting stores and spending time on a shopping trip, but when you are looking at that one exact thing you want, shopping online makes your choice easier. There... ...Read more

Teej ro tyohaar aayo, laayo sawan ri bahar
by anu acharya : August 12 2014 :

Teej – is the Hindu festival in which women fast to pray Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to seek blessings for marital bliss. In literal sense, ‘Teej’ means third and so according to the Hindu calender the third day after the amavasya (moonless night) of shraavana (monsoon) month i.e. late July to early August is celebrated as Teej. Another name for this Teej is Hariyali Teej (Green Teej) as the... ...Read more

Tips on How To Buy Jewelry Online
by Vinay Jaiswal : August 08 2014 :

In this video, Vastradi Jewels co-founder Ms Suman Dash sharing her thoughts on Tips to buy #Jewellery online ...Read more

Knot in this thread only symbolises Love and Protection
by anu acharya : August 08 2014 :

It is so believed by people around the world that Indians just need an excuse to celebrate and so they are marvelled to know how we have plethora of festivals which are celebrated one after the other. The list seems never ending. Well, it is indeed ! Not to forget, every festival is celebrated in a grand manner.    Rakshabandhan (a knot of protection) is one of the festival from... ...Read more

Gem Talk
by anu acharya : July 04 2014 :

Crystals and the effects they have intrigues not only the mystics but everyone who is aware that they can have an effect on both our spiritual and physical well being. Though, we still don’t know how true their devised meanings are, but they surely generate curiosity every time we come across an article explaining them.


So go ahead and feed your curiosity once again ! 


Quartz – A clear transparent semiprecious stone, which also has some other coloured varieties. All around the world, there have been many traditional uses of quartz. It is known as the ‘universal crystal’ because of its many uses but it is believed to be the most powerful crystal for healing and to enhance spiritual growth. A stone of clarity, it dispels all negative energy and clarifies thought processes. It is a stone of harmony as it balances energies. 


                                                           Silver 92.5


...Read more

Bali Knowledge
by anu acharya : June 25 2014 :

Bali (earring in English) is the most common piece of jewellery worn by both men and women. It is one ornament which can complete your look and you wouldn’t feel the need to load yourself with any other accessory. When it comes to designing an earring, a jeweller’s creativity knows no limitations. Do you know the types of earrings that you can find in the market? Are you always able... ...Read more

Know Your Type
by anu acharya : June 20 2014 :

Not sure about what type of jewellery suits your face the best ? How about we give you some tips to make jewellery selection easier for you.

There you go ! 


Oval Shaped Face -  Women with an oval shaped face can usually wear all types of earrings and necklaces. Oval works easily with most lengths, shapes and sizes of jewellery.



                                Madhuri Dixit Nene                                                    Julia Roberts


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Snazzy Parineeta
by anu acharya : June 16 2014 :

Vidya Balan is known to be one of the most versatile actors in Bollywood. Since her debut in Parineeta she has never disappointed her audience and has given splendid performance in every movie. Though during her initial years  in the industry, she was criticised by the fashion police for her absurd dressing sense. Yet that did not stop her from lashing back at them in the most subtle and sophisticated... ...Read more

FATHER - The only superhero everyone is blessed with
by anu acharya : June 13 2014 :

Journey from decorating the cradle to decorating the palanquin is the most incredible one for every father. A father is every girl's best friend, protector, confidant and a constant pillar in every hurdle that she faces. We bring to you some incredulous father daughter duos from Bollywood. Read on to know who's daughter's style of accessorizing do you like the most.
Sonam Kapoor
Talk about fashion and Sonam will be the first one to pop into your head. Known as the style icon for the young girls in India, calls herself a daddy’s girl spoilt for choice. She is the most daring when it comes to experimenting with varied styles. Nonetheless she always manages to look elegant. Her jewellery is always minimal yet majority of the times she brings something unique to her look. She treats her audience well from time to time.
...Read more

VastraDi Jewels
by anu acharya : June 12 2014 :

VastraDiJewels - means jewellery to go with your vastra (clothes).

 Mompreneur in Gurgaon | Vastradi Jewels Co-founder

Each piece is handcrafted in various parts of India. The traditional Indian jewellery comes straight from the hands of Indian artisans and the casual trendy jewellery from Thailand. Founded by Ms. Suman Dash in 2011 and joined by Mr. Vinay Jaiswal a year later, Vastradi is an iridescent jewellery brand for the enigmatic women of the 21st century.

An Engineer by profession, Ms. Suman always wanted to break free from the monotonous world of IT and start something of her own.  She loves to travel and has even had opportunity to travel most of India and some major parts of Asia during her years as a working professional.  She has always had a flare for picking up eclectic jewellery pieces. 

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Summer Virtu
by anu acharya : June 06 2014 :

Lazy afternoons, cool colas and chirpy evenings are here again. Soul-sucking sun is out and has given the temperature a mind-numbing high !  It’s yet again the time of tropical warm days and starry nights. Mind is relaxed and what better an excuse to enjoy your vacation? So we say hola to holiday time ! Dressing becomes cool and comfy with bright colours to light up the lethargic days. To... ...Read more

The Different Facets of Jewelry
by suman dash : June 03 2014 :

Styles of jewelry has been changing every now and then since ancient times. In the form of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, etc., jewelry is a form of adornment that has been used since ages, all around the globe. During the prehistoric times, it was made out of stones, shells or bones to enhance the beauty of the human who wore it. It symbolized status of the individual in the society or worn as a protection, during the ancient times. But, during the contemporary era, the intent has entirely changed with time. Now it is merely worn to enhance the appearance of the individual and make it look splendid.
              ...Read more

Vastradi Jewels Welcomes You !
by Vinay Jaiswal : May 13 2014 :

VASTRADI sets out to offer Premium, Hand-picked and Hard-to-find Indian / international jewelry to our most-discerning customers worldwide. A Celebration of Womanhood A perfect gift for you and your loved ones... www.VastradiJewels.com New Arrivals :   http://www.vastradijewels.com/new-arrivals.html Daily OFFERS :  http://www.vastradijewels.com/offers-zone.html To place an Order/ Enquiry, Please send the product code(s), contact no and delivery address at cs@vastradijewels.com OR Call us at +91 124 4240417 or +91 9810032417 or +9199100... ...Read more
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